CloudReady Resource Library

A collection of the resources our Enterprise and Education customers and prospects find most helpful, including product PDFs, blog posts, videos, and press and analyst coverage.


Enterprise Resources

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Citrix Workspace, Chrome Enterprise, and CloudReady by Neverware


CloudReady: Enterprise Edition The fast, cost-effective way to deploy the Chrome OS ecosystem.
CloudReady and VDI Compute without compromises.
CloudReady Enterprise explainer video How do you know if CloudReady is right for you?
CloudReady and Digital Signage Digital signage powered by Chrome OS—on the hardware you choose.
Video interview Damson Cloud interviews us at the 2019 Chrome Enterprise Summit
Blog post Don’t leave frontline workers behind: The case for cloud-native devices
Blog post 5 Easy Steps to Set Up Your VDI
Press Chrome OS is the ultimate productivity hack & will exceed Mac OS marketshare - but can it challenge Windows?
Blog post 5 ways IT leaders can invest in their frontline workers with Chromebooks and G Suite
Press: Computer Weekly Why the browser is the computer
Blog post CloudReady is now Citrix Ready certified
Analyst opinion: Freeform Dynamics What can Chromebooks offer the enterprise desktop market?
Blog post Collecting the dividends on your cloud investment
Analyst opinion: Brian Madden Neverware gives the Chromebook experience the best chance it's ever had for enterprise adoption

Education Resources

CloudReady: Education Edition The fast, affordable way to turn your school's PCs and Macs into Chrome devices.
CloudReady Education explainer video How can CloudReady help your school with affordable access to great technology?
CloudReady in action video Neverware and Google for Education at Bett 2019, London
Blog post 4 Reasons Why CTOs Have Chosen Chromebooks
Press Google, Neverware, LGfL help London schools upgrade old computers
Blog post Schools in London give new life to old computers
Case study: Lilian Baylis School Lilian Baylis Technology School brings new life to old devices
Blog post A creative, yet realistic, approach to 1:1
Webinar Neverware Deep Dive with Amplified IT